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A Professional Fitness Coach is Your Best Partner

Updated: 3 days ago

How to Recognize an Unprofessional Coach

It’s not easy finding a professional fitness coach these days! There are SO MANY online coaching programs and software being marketed to coaches. SO MANY promise to make it easy to manage clients and promise to help coaches be on their way to financial freedom. SO MANY of these do NOT have the client’s specific needs in mind.

How would you feel if you were easily managed and seen as a few more dollars to help someone become financially free?

Here are some great questions and thoughts to keep in mind to help you select a professional coach that has YOUR best interests in mind.

How much time have they invested in becoming a coach? Did they get a degree in a relevant coaching field? Have they obtained professional and accredited certifications? Do they continue their education every year? The more time they invested in becoming a coach, the more qualified they are, and the more time they will invest in YOU! Subscribing to online coaching software only takes a few clicks, and that may be all you get from some coaches.

How much money have they invested to build their coaching business? Do they have an LLC? Are they trademarked? Are they copyrighted? Do they have insurance? Do they have their own website domain? Do they have their own email domain? The more you can see they are investing in their business, the more serious they are taking their business, the more time they will invest in you!