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Partner with Ethical Coaches

Updated: 7 days ago

How to Identify a Bad Coach

The health and wellness industry has a unique opportunity to impact lives in a positive way. When you think about it, most fitness professionals enter the industry with a personal passion for fitness and a strong desire to help others. Ethics play a large role in the health and wellness industry because the lives of people cannot be improved without placing a priority on respect for individual human rights, upholding any legal obligations and protecting the health and safety of clients.

Unacceptable Behavior

Negative characteristics that detract from professionalism include inappropriate behavior such as flirting, canceling sessions frequently, not calling ahead of being late, cursing, or discussing personal problems, weekend activities, dating/marital problems and successes, dressing inappropriately or making sexual innuendoes.

Here are a few actions and traits to watch out for when choosing a health and fitness coach to work with:

Poor Communication Skills

You should measure a coach’s ability to communicate during the initial consultation. Consider the questions below to determine the strength of a coach’s communication skills.