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We're Certified Fitness Experts!

Updated: Jun 5

Feel Confident You're in Good Hands!

There’s no denying that working with a certified coach is highly beneficial to you. However, the hunt for a quality coach who has your best interest at heart can feel quite overwhelming. There are several factors you need to take into consideration when making your selection on a credible coach. In fact, one of the most important factors for you to verify is their credentials. At Measure Backwards, we’re a team of certified fitness experts.

Whether coaches obtain a relevant degree or certification, it is always advantageous for you to understand their education background. For example, to keep a Personal Training and Health & Wellness Coaching certification active, it is required to complete a certain number of continuing education credits every two years. Similar to careers (nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and therapists) that commonly require certifications or licensures, the continuing education credits allows a certified professional the opportunity to continuously learn and stay current about the industry. When coaches are not certified or have a relevant degree, it is important for you to understand which resources they use to research information. For example, if they are only using Google University, perhaps it might be in your best interest to explore other options.

When it comes to your personal health and fitness goals, you deserve only the absolute best from a coach. At Measure Backwards, we value education and professional development to provide quality service to each of our clients. This article highlights a few of the advantages and what you can expect while working with certified professionals.

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Being a certified fitness personal trainer is imperative to safely and effectively design fitness programs that help clients achieve their goals. A certified Personal Trai