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Review Workout Videos with an Online Coach

Updated: May 31

Client-Centered and Convenient!

Have you ever tried a new exercise and then ended up quitting just after a few reps because you couldn’t quite figure out how to do it correctly? Did you have anyone to review workout videos so you could understand what you need to improve? It can be discouraging when you want to add a new exercise into your routine but can’t because you have no idea what you are doing wrong or how to fix it.

Regardless if you are brand new or have been working out for several years, partnering with a certified Personal Trainer will help educate you to understand the purpose and technique in performing various exercises. This article highlights reasons why it is beneficial to work with a Personal Trainer who offers to take the time to evaluate your workout videos.

Reasons to Submit Your Workout Videos and Photos to a Personal Trainer

Working with a qualified fitness expert who provides you with regular feedback on your workouts is going to help you in both the long and short-term. So instead of feeling alone, confused and intimidated, a Personal Trainer can provide you with constructive feedback to help you learn and strengthen your confidence throughout your fitness journey.

With remote, online Personal Trainers, you are encouraged to record yourself performing exercises and ask any questions you may have. When they review workout videos, they can analyze your technique, tempo, ROM (range of motion), intensity, volume, etc. Just remember, you will receive the best answers by a certified Personal Trainer who understands your background and specific goals.