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What to do When You Struggle Staying Motivated

Updated: May 6

When Have You Last Had Some Reflection?

Do You Struggle Staying Motivated?

Staying motivated can be very difficult. Have you ever had the desire and interest to do something, but you lack the motivation to actually do it? This can be an extremely frustrating situation, since you want to do a certain thing, but cannot find the inner strength and motivation to act. Don’t worry, if you have trouble keeping up your levels of motivation, you are certainly not alone.

Everyone has days where motivation is nonexistent. Off days happen and it’s unrealistic to think that you will be motivated every single day of your life. There are bound to be times when you procrastinate too much, lack focus, or struggle to even start important goals. This is why you cannot solely rely on motivation to achieve your goals and it is important for you to learn how to develop grit to help get you through, especially on the days you don’t want to do it at all.

Taking some time to do a little exploration and reflection, you can identify what is really going on with your lack of motivation and make some changes.

Below are a few common reasons why people struggle to stay motivated and how to fix them.

Don’t Feel Worthy