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How to Overcome Barriers to Health and Wellness

Turn that Set Back into a Set Up for Success

Overcoming barriers in your personal health and wellness can be difficult. Even if you know the change will be good for you, it’s often uncomfortable.

That’s especially true when it comes to making health and wellness changes. Many bad health habits are deeply ingrained. Replacing them with healthier ones requires a lot of work . . . and a lot of patience.

The first step to success is having a clear vision of what achieving health and wellness looks like to you. In other words, you must know your priorities and identify goals that align with your values.

But no matter what your health and wellness goals may be, one thing is certain: you will encounter barriers along the way.

To achieve lasting change, you have to expect barriers. You also have to recognize them as you encounter them, and create a game plan to overcome them.

How to Identify Barriers to Change

A barrier is anything that gets in the way of you achieving your goals. Barriers pull you off track, slowing down or even stopping your progress.

Unfortunately, many people run into these obstacles and then give up. Sometimes