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You Can't Pick A Diet & What You Can Do About It

No Cookie-Cutter Solution Can Guarantee Weight Loss for the Masses!

You Can’t Pick a Diet

Every year, Americans spend a whopping $60 billion on following weight loss programs and fad diets. But do these programs and diets really work?

For a regular consumer who is trying to find the most healthy and sustainable way to shed unwanted pounds, the struggle to pick the best diet is real. Since every diet comes with its pros and cons, you should choose a weight loss program only if it fits your lifestyle needs and does not pose any risks to your health. In many of today’s most popular diets, dieters have to eliminate an entire food group, leading to complications.

No cookie-cutter solution can guarantee weight loss for the masses. That’s because we are all unique and what works for your friend may not produce any significant results in your case.

If you want to know some of the best and worst things about today’s most popular diets, here is a brief review of each. One of the best ways to determine the best diet that will deliver long-term results is to partner with a certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach who will help you choose the best weight loss program or diet for you to lose weight in the healthiest way possible.

Let’s find out if you know about the pros and cons of these popular diets so you can be better informed as you pick a diet.

Ketogenic Diet (Keto)

Who doesn’t know about the Keto diet? If you want to pick a diet that revolves around the concept of consuming a high-fat diet with moderate protein and very low in carbs, then the Keto is it. However, most followers fail to differentiate between good and bad fats. In this diet, the body goes into ketosis or fat-burning mode to produce ketones, which are fuel molecules. When we don’t incorporate too many carbs in our diet, our body turns to ketones as an alternative source of fuel.

Pros of the Keto Diet The keto diet helps reduce seizures in pediatric patients with epilepsy. Millions of people have witnessed miraculous results, thanks to the Keto diet. Avoiding sugary treats and cutting calories help you feel less bloated, and you are able to lose weight quickly. You also stay fuller for longer hours, resulting in a caloric deficit.

Cons of the Keto Diet Because of the stringent food restrictions, many find the keto diet hard to stick to. Due to whole food groups being excluded, nutrients typically found in foods like whole grains and fruit