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Nutrition Coaching Benefits for You

Updated: May 5, 2021

Personalization is Key!

Hiring a coach who is certified in nutrition is a fantastic option for you to ensure that you are progressing towards achieving your personal fitness goals. With an infinite amount of nutrition information being flushed out into the world today, it is overwhelming and confusing for many people to decipher who and what to actually believe. A certified nutrition coach will help you to successfully maneuver through all of the false content by educating and supporting you in accomplishing your nutrition goals. Below are a few benefits as to why you should invest in a certified nutrition coach instead of opting to figure everything out by yourself.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Generic diet programs are targeted to a broad population and use creative marketing techniques to persuade you into thinking it is the best plan for you. While there are several problems with a one size fit all approach, one of the biggest concerns is that it does not realistically teach you how to properly eat according to your specific fitness goals, lifestyle, and preferences. Whereas a certified nutrition coach will take the time to learn about your physical activity, work environment, personal lifestyle, and current nutrition before making any recommendations. In order for you to sustain long-term results, building a customized nutrition program with a certified coach will always be a better option in comparison to cookie-cutter diet programs.

Believe it or not, working with a nutrition coach will enable you to create a plan that includes foods that you enjoy and actually want to eat. A certified coach can help you to develop an effective flexible dieting program that aligns with your specific fitness goals, lifestyle, and preferences. For example, a nutrition coach can teach you how to prioritize adding healthy nutrient-dense foods into your plan, while also giving you the flexibility to include a few delicious, but less-nutritious foods in moderation. Lastly, a coach is trained on how to make appropriate adjustments to your flexible diet program as your body and personal goals may change over time.

Prior to making any recommendations in creating or modifying a personalized nutrition plan, it is essential for a nutrition coach to conduct a thorough analysis of your personal data. Through the process of evaluating your personal data, a certified coach will be able to ensure that the plan is tailored to you. A mistake that a lot of people make is following a nutrition plan that was specifically created for someone else. Unfortunately, nutrition is not that simple and requires a more systematic approach that is tailored to each individual. Although social media glorifies certain fad diets and supplement trends to be the new best thing since sliced bread, it is imperative for you to be properly educated to develop a complete understanding of how various programs work.

Diet programs and supplements frequently use success stories to persuade others into purchasing their products. Although hearing positive experiences and seeing results from using a product can be convincing, you still need to consider how these products will affect your specific body type and fitness goals. Rather than opting to potentially put your health at risk by trying one of these products, hire a certified nutrition coach who will make individualized suggestions based on your personal data and fitness goals. Before jumping on the latest fad diet bandwagon, consider working with a nutrition coach who will continually support you in creating your own unique success story to share with the world.


Imagine that your boss tasked you with a challenging project that was due in one month. In order to prepare you to successfully manage your project, you and your boss meet to discuss a detailed outline of a 30-day action plan focusing on your daily and weekly goals. This sounds like a viable strategy that will allow you to effectively tackle your project, right? Well, the same concept can be applied when it comes to being accountable for achieving your personal nutrition goals. Similar to a boss, a certified nutrition coach will provide you with support by clearly communicating expectations and scheduling weekly check-ins to discuss the status of progress made in your action plan. When choosing to work with a nutrition coach, you agree to take responsibility for your attitude, actions, communication, relationships, and delivering on your commitments.

While going through a challenging fitness journey, you are more likely to put forth your best effort when you have someone by your side who truly believes in you. An effective nutrition coach focuses on building trust during each interaction by continuously demonstrating genuine concern, honesty, empathy, and an appreciation for diversity. As you build trust with a nutrition coach, you will feel supported by someone who immensely cares about you and wants you to succeed in accomplishing your goals. Knowing how much your coach believes in you and your ability to honor your commitments in your action plan will increase your motivation to remain focused.

Learning from a nutrition coach about how you can eliminate the amount of time and effort that you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior will make a positive impact on achieving your daily goals. For example, instead of mindlessly scrolling through your social media accounts for 2-hours each day, a nutrition coach can suggest that you commit to limiting yourself down to 30-minutes per day and devote the rest of your time to your action plan. Since making a behavior change is a difficult process, a nutrition coach will work with you to devise a realistic plan while holding you accountable each step of the way. Ultimately, you will learn how to manage your time in a more efficient and productive manner that will enable you to keep your commitments in reaching your daily goals.

Accountability teaches you the value and importance of measuring your progress throughout your fitness journey. While working with a nutrition coach, you will be expected to hold yourself accountable in completing your daily action plan goals while being honest in your tracking. A nutrition coach will educate you on what exactly you will need to measure and how it relates to your specific goal. When you need a little inspiration, you can always reflect upon how far you have progressed towards accomplishing your goal. It can be empowering to review the results of your completed actions and measuring the overall progress from when you first started. When it comes to accountability, you will never regret holding yourself accountable throughout the nutrition coaching process by precisely tracking your progress and successfully meeting your daily goals.

Meal Planning

Nutrition can be a complex topic, especially when it comes to meal planning and deciding which foods you should and should not include in your diet. Instead of just copying someone else’s nutrition plan and hoping it will work for you too, partner with a nutrition coach who will teach you how to create your own perfect meal plan that you will actually enjoy. Taking the time to learn about your preferences and lifestyle behaviors is how a nutrition coach approaches co-creating a successful meal plan tailored to you. Whether you travel frequently for work, have a limited budget, prefer a plant-based diet, have food allergies or food intolerances, a nutrition coach will help you to build a meal plan that is both sustainable and consistent according to your personal goals.

While planning your weekly meals, a nutrition coach can help you stay focused on adding foods to your plan instead of identifying which ones to remove from your daily routine. When you place your attention on restricting foods, it can create an unhealthy mental and emotional relationship with food. You can avoid this by talking with a nutrition coach about which foods to incorporate into your weekly meal planning to enhance your nutrition knowledge and develop consistency. Making a healthy long-term sustainable change to your lifestyle is a challenging process but working with a nutrition coach on co-developing a personalized meal plan will make your journey realistic and successful.

An important piece to creating a successful meal plan is discussing with a nutrition coach about how to adapt when life events occur that prevent you from adhering to your meal plan. Attending weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, or date nights can make sticking to your meal plan stressful. When you work with a nutrition coach, you can discuss implementing a game plan that will allow you to enjoy your life events while staying committed to your daily goals. In time, meal planning with a nutrition coach will build your confidence in your ability to find a healthy life balance that is sustainable long-term.

Without the support of a nutrition coach, meal planning can be a stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming weekly burden. On the other hand, when you have guidance from a nutrition coach who will analyze your personal data to provide recommendations tailored to your specific needs, you will learn valuable tips to keep you on track towards achieving your goals. Whether you are seeking advice on adding more nutritious foods, learning new recipes, improving your time management skills, or saving money on your grocery bills, a nutrition coach is trained to help you navigate through challenges. As a result of strengthening your skills to effectively manage obstacles, you will positively influence other aspects of your life.

Food Tracking

Do you know how many calories you eat on a daily basis? If you have never measured, weighed, or calculated your caloric intake, it is likely that you are not accurately assessing your total daily number of calories. During your sessions with a nutrition coach, you will discuss and evaluate your previous and current eating habits. Having these conversations is an integral part in allowing a nutrition coach to gain a deeper understanding of your eating patterns and identify an effective method for you to successfully track your food intake. Similar to learning any new skill, food tracking can be overwhelming at first, but when you partner with a certified nutrition, you will identify a food tracking system that is educational and sustainable specifically for you.

When reviewing your daily total numbers of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins, minerals, fiber, sodium, or cholesterol, which ones are the most important to focus on tracking in your daily nutrition goals? Although these can all be considered important to monitor in your diet, the areas that you should prioritize will vary based on an individual’s health history and personal fitness goals. Attempting to track and meet 20+ nutrition goals on a daily basis is excessive and unsustainable especially for someone who is just starting a food diary. Nutrition coaching is not about having you striving for perfection in achieving your daily goals, it is about teaching you the balance eating healthy and living a happy life.

Since a nutrition coach is not around you 24/7, you will be responsible to maintain a daily food diary that requires you to input an accurate count of every calorie that you consume. Food tracking is one of the best methods for sustaining weight loss because by making a promise to a nutrition coach to be truthful in your daily food tracking, you will be more inclined to think twice before making a decision that is not in line with your nutrition goals. For example, instead of taking the risk of overconsuming chips by eating them straight out of the bag, you decide to measure out a serving size onto your plate since you know that your nutrition coach is relying on you to accurately record your daily food intake. The more honest you are with your food tracking, the more a nutrition coach can improve your ability to make healthier food choices.

Is counting calories essential for success in weight loss? Not necessarily, but it is important to understand that every calorie consumed does count and you need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. While there are several approaches in achieving fat loss, food tracking is one of the most effective methods for long-term weight loss. Nowadays, you can use apps such as MyFitnessPal as a convenient way to help simplify the process of monitoring your daily nutrition and increasing your awareness of how many calories you are consuming. Not only is it beneficial to learn how to track your food with a nutrition coach, but it is also advantageous to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ your caloric intake affects your specific goals.


Trusting and believing in the process of your personalized nutrition plan plays a significant role in determining how successful you will be in accomplishing your goals. While working with a certified nutrition coach, your active involvement in co-creating your personalized nutrition plan will enable you to build trust and have faith in the process. When you acknowledge the purpose of your daily actions and how they relate to your goals, you strengthen the likelihood of honoring your commitments. Many nutrition coaches use a collaborative hands-on approach in educating their clients to build trust in the process through taking advantage of valuable learning opportunities.

If you read or see something that an athlete, doctor, celebrity, or influencer said regarding nutrition, it does not automatically make it true or supported by science. That individual is likely getting paid a decent amount of money to make those comments as a way to persuade their followers into believing them. Adversely, certified nutrition coaches educate their clients using credible resources that are science-based. Additionally, nutrition coaches will remain unbiased while communicating the pros and cons on various nutrition topics to allow clients the opportunity to form their own opinions. Learning from a nutrition coach how to identify false nutrition content through proper education in spotting red flags that will save you from wasting an abundant amount of time and money.

One-on-one coaching in nutrition offers a versatile program structure that creates a comfortable learning atmosphere for diverse clients. In recognizing that nutrition is a complex topic, a nutrition coach adapts their teaching technique to match the preferred learning style for each of their clients. Ultimately, a nutrition coach’s ability to adequately communicate with clients cultivates interactions that are personalized and meaningful. Nutrition coaches continuously prioritize education throughout the coaching process not only to help minimize confusion around nutrition, but also to gain trust from their clients.

If you are only seeking a nutrition program that will be a short-term temporary solution, then nutrition coaching may not be a good fit for you. One of the main reasons why people hire a nutrition coach is to develop consistency in making a healthy long-term behavior change. Throughout your journey, a nutrition coach will share practical knowledge and tools that will help you learn as you achieve your goals. Nutrition coaches use education as a power tool with their clients to expand their viewpoint while boosting their self-confidence. Needless to say, while working directly with a nutrition coach, you will establish and build a trusting relationship that will make a positive impact on your health now and futuristically.


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