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5 Benefits of Having Custom Fitness Goals

Updated: May 5

Strong Goals Lead to Strong Results!

You are ready to make the commitment towards achieving your personal workout goal, but where and how do you begin the process? The answer is simple! Hire a certified coach to work with you one-on-one to help you create custom fitness goals and recognize your success by measuring backwards.

Here are 5 benefits you will realize when working with a coach to create your customized fitness plans:

Stay Focused with A SuPeRSMART Goal

Collaborating with a coach to strategically develop a SuPeRSMART custom fitness goal will help you to remain focused throughout the coaching process. During your first one-on-one meeting with a coach, you will be asked to share why it is important for you to achieve your desired fitness goal. Additionally, a coach will verify your level of commitment towards accomplishing your fitness goal to ensure that you are ready and willing to make this a top priority in your life. Having these initial conversations with your coach is critical to not only build a trusting relationship, but it will also be advantageous while developing subgoals to your SuPeRSMART goal.

To keep you motivated and focused throughout your journey, a coach will help to breakdown your primary SuPeRSMART goal into subgoals. First, a coach will ask you several open-ended questions to help you brainstorm and identify subgoals. Below are a few examples of SuPeRSMART questions that a coach might ask you:

  • Self-Controllable: How in control are you with your short and long-term goals?

  • Public: In what ways could you share your goal and get support from your network?

  • Reward: What will the rewards be for reachin